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Project Grens Bosnië-Kroatië


Project Grens Bosnië-Kroatië

Project Grens Bosnië-Kroatië

Help us feed 500 hungry people at the Bosnian Croation border for € 10,- per month.

Everyday there is a large group of people, just at the outskirts of the EU that has nothing or little to eat. With only € 10,- a month we can give 1 person a warm meal. 6 days a week, 25 days a month. Take a look at this place that is a real restaurant. Food on a plate, eating at a table, so different for standing in the mud somewhere with a plastic plate. This restaurant not only fills the stomach but also gives new hope for the future, some sense of belonging, being treated as a human being. Can you help?


Meet Sami from Syria, he has been travelling for over a year now and has finally arrived at the EU-border. AlthoughSami would qualify for a refugee status there is no way for him (and his family) to enter the EU. There are no possibilities to apply for asylum. Sami is stuck in Bosnia in a small town called Valika Kledusa right at the border with Croatia. Velika Kledusa is a true border town where most of its inhabitants have property on both sides because of a hastily drawn line between two new countries.


Sami isn’t the only one in Velika Kladusa and its surroundings. The Bosnian-Croation border is the last one where one can travel into the EU although most refugees and migrants are caught after several days and send back to Bosnia. This doesn’t happen on a very friendly way. Returnees show wounds and broken bones that spell a clear message “don’t try this again”.

There is something of a camp for families, (young) men have to fend for themselves and turn into the most vulnerable group. We’ve seen boys of 16 and older, travelling alone or with a companion they met along the way. There is a group of about 500 people living right outside Velika Kladusa without any facilities.

There are 2 Ngo’s that make a difference. ‘No Name Kitchen’ that supplies hot showers for up to 80 people a day. The also hand out clean clothes after the shower and recycle (wash & dry) the old stuff. They also have blankets, sleeping bags en warm winter clothes to withstand the coming winter. Winters are harsh in Bosnia Herzegovina.

The other Ngo is “SOS Kledusa”. They support in building tents and are experimenting with a simple wooden structure with a floor that is somewhat insolated. It can be made for a little more than € 100,- and can sleep up to 3 or 4 people. SOS Kledusa also hands out other necessities.


Pizzeria Teffrie

4 Bosnian War veterans volunteered to start a small restaurant in the beginning of this year. They know what it’s like to survive a war and sympathize with refugees and migrants.
Together with some of the refugees and migrants they buy, prepare, cook and serve a warm meal six days a week. The spirit is great.

As Lemon we don’t have the ambition to keep this kitchen open in the long run. We would like to get these people through the winter. So we need money for a couple of months. Donating € 10 for 5 or 6 months will make a big difference in the life of one of these vulnerable people. It would be great if you can help. Financing one or more persons or organizing a fund raiser.
Donate directly to the bank account of Lemon Foundation at: IBAN: NL02INGB 0007636988 BIC: INGBNL2A
or through our website; https://lemonfoundation.eu/doneren/